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Introduced in 2017, OneLife is a product of Frontier Botanical Research Laboratories, which itself was established in 2005. Currently, One Life is the only Alkaline Ionized Bottled Water of Pakistan.


Our vision is to promote a healthy society by dispensing clear, pure and healthy drinking water to everyone around us.


Clean drinking water is a fundamental human need and essential for the human body to function correctly but, a large segment of our population is dispossessed of it. Keeping in view, we are committed to eliminating this mediocrity by making sure everyone around us has access to this basic component of a healthy life. That is why we provide nine-step-purified water in the form of One Life mineral water.


CEO’s Profile

Faisal Kaka Khel is a business post graduate having experience of two decades in the fields of communication, production, supply chain, advertisement, marketing, brand management, quality assurance, financial management and HR.

CEO’s Message

We are living in the age of innovation and surprises. The technology has gone to the full circle and has redefined the quality in every aspect of our lives. At the One Life, we utilize the latest technologies to maintain the quality practices and standards in our products. We follow ultimate quality practices, ensure international standards, best human resources & procedures along with corporate social responsibility.
I, thus pledge that One Life Team will never compromise on Quality at any cost. I believe in paying back to the society by empowering them.